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Why are the flags different?

each piece of wood is different and some are from one or many pieces.  I take pride in the uniqueness of each flag.


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How big can they be?

I prefer to make items that don't require to be shipped freight but I will do it.  Larger pieces require deposit that isnt refundable.

How long will it take?

Each piece of art is different and it all depends on the design but we estimate at least 10 working days for shippment. 

Local Buys

If you happen to live in th egreater Chivagoland area you are welcome to pick up your item.


We will use USPS and UPS to ship all items.


Custom Work 

You can Submit an idea or design and bring that idea to life on wood.

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All work in done in my workshop located in the great United States of America

Made in the USA

One of a Kind

Each work of art is one of a kind.  You have something that no one else has.  

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Why Buy From Us?

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Chicago Woody

Made in the USA and each piece is one of a kind.  Chicago Woody make wood working great again.  Each work of art made so that its unique to you and only you.  Show your love for your country by getting a wooden American Flag or submit artwork or your idea for a custom piece. Choose below.

Custom Wood Works

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See Our Work

View our craftmanship and attention to detail.  This is a collection of completed works and projects in different stages of the process

" Nothing adds character that wooden art work.  I know there are many choices out there for you.  We are humbles to earned your business and earn your trust."
- Marc | CEO

Chicago Woody Custom Art

In addition to our loved wooden flags we also have created custom works of art for the many members of the entended Chicago Wood family.  Company logos, Family Crests, Picture Frames etc.